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Harwood & Son Insurance
Insurance Journal Top 20 Agency Partnership

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What We Do

We Are Your “Outsourced” Risk Management/Loss Control Department.

Primary Responsibilities and Functions

1. Risk Management

2. Administrative Coordinator for Risk Management process

3. Loss Control Coordinator

4. Claims Coordinator

Major Accountabilities

Risk Manager Accountabilities

Discovery of loss exposures and the selection of the best treatment options

Evaluation and implementation of Loss Prevention Procedures

Design of the insurance program and effecting coverage at an acceptable price

Monitoring the effectiveness of treatment options selected

Quality control of needed products and services

Effectiveness of all employees who deal with Risk Management issues

Administrative Coordinator Accountabilities.

All administrative functions needed to accomplish the risk management process

Communication with client and carriers regarding plan changes, corrections and modifications

Insurance accounting issues

Marketing of the requested insurance program.

Loss Control Coordinator

Evaluation of facilities, equipment, procedures and processes that have the potential to cause loss.

Recommend appropriate precautions to prevent losses, and to minimize the impact of those that occur

Work with Insurance Carrier Loss Control personnel to ensure the client has the best possible loss prevention program, without incurring unnecessary expense.

Claims Coordinator

Loss minimization – preserving property and minimizing liability damages

Claims reporting

Assistance with claims adjusting

Advocacy with Insurance Carriers when necessary


1. Negotiate and purchase insurance on the client’s behalf.

2. Bind coverage on client’s behalf upon carrier’s acceptance of the specified terms.

3. Approach insurance carriers on client’s behalf.


1. Licensed as required by the State Departments/Bureaus of Insurance in relevant states

2. Agency manages at least $2 billion annual premium volume

3. Access to at least 50 markets/carriers

4. Has dedicated specific departments within agency to offer:

  a. Loss control

  b. Benefits

  c. Surety/Bond

  d. Compliance

  e. HR Management.

  f.  Captive carrier (when required)

  g. Claims Management.

In addition, we hired a VP of Claims from a large carrier to work for us on the agency side. As such, our clients have an advocate to work on their behalf. As a result, 73% of denied claims last year were reversed and paid.

Recently we added 2 new members to our service team. One has over 20 years experience in the home health care industry; and the other has over 20 years experience providing risk assessment and insurance management to the social services industry, specifically counseling services.

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"While Harwood and Son insured us through some of the biggest underwriters in the country, they also provided a personal level of service only found in a smaller, local business“ – Brian Ullrich, Walk2Campus

"...Their service and handling of claims have been outstanding, and they've always been there for us.  We have been approached by many competitors over the years, but never found any justification or reason to leave Harwood & Son...." - Glenn Culley, CFO Hampden-Sydney College

"Scott Harwood Jr is like family to us. He puts our interests ahead of his own and makes sure we have the best coverage available. The Harwood Agency is the most honest, hardworking and competent insurance agencies we've ever worked with"    -    Parker Terry, Putney Mechanical Company, Inc.

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Risk Assessment and Insurance Management For Over 150 Years!

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Phone: 434-392-5405


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